Frequently Asked Questions

Our open platform uses blockchain technology to create a transparent and decentralised database of rights and rights owners, automating royalty payments using smart contracts and cryptocurrency. A special thanks to cryptokitties for providing a stellar framework for the questions below.

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What do I need to use Ujo?

In order to get started you need a computer or laptop with the most up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Brave browser. Additionally you'll need MetaMask, a digital wallet service, loaded with ether. To acquire ether, please see the section 'How do I get Ether, the digital currency?' below.

Installing MetaMask, your digital wallet?

To use Ujo, you will need to install MetaMask, a digital wallet. You will need to put money in it to make your first purchase. Note: A digital wallet like MetaMask acts like a bank account—treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or the seed words.

How do I get Ether, the digital currency?

For U.S. citizens only: you can buy ether (ETH) in MetaMask. ETH is a digital currency that enables Ujo to run.

For everyone else: you will need to purchase ETH from an exchange. The easiest way is using Coinbase and then transferring the ETH from your Coinbase wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Unfortunately, you cannot use Ujo with a Coinbase wallet or any other wallets.

You cannot use USD/CAD with Ujo yet—currencies need to be converted into ETH first.

How do I send Ether, to MetaMask?

For U.S. citizens only: you are able to purchase ETH directly from the MetaMask wallet using the Coinbase widget. This is more convenient and doesn’t require you to create two accounts.

For everyone else: you need to buy ETH from an exchange using normal fiat currency. Coinbase is the easiest to setup however the choice is ultimately up to you. Copy your MetaMask address but clicking on the ‘...’ then ‘Copy Address to clipboard’. Go to Coinbase and click ‘Accounts’ and select your ETH Wallet and then click ‘send’. Paste the MetaMask address in the box with the amount you’d like to transfer.

Why is MetaMask being so slow?

If you have a lot of tabs open, MetaMask will suffer memory leaks and slow down. To fix this issue, close all your tabs, restart the browser, and things should improve.

Understanding Ujo Music

What is Ujo Music?

Ujo Music is a ConsenSys Spoke, with a vision for a music industry that allows creators to grow and thrive independently. It is a platform that uses the ethereum blockchain as the substrate for innovation by empowering artists, digitizing their music rights and metadata, sharing this information in an open environment, thus enabling new applications, products, and services to license their catalogs and pay artists directly with minimal friction. We are aiming to enrich the lives of artists and fans through a shared love of music, and excitement for the potential of decentralized technology.

What’s the big deal about Ujo?

When fully realized, Ujo has the ability to rewire the music industry, better serving the needs of artist and fans while also enabling entrepreneurs and engineers, through our decentralized technical foundation, to build products and services. We are putting power back in the hands of the people, not the industry bigwigs.

Does it cost money to use Ujo?

As an artist, no. There are small fees associated with listing music as it costs ‘gas’ to publish to the network.
As a fan, it costs money to buy music. Artists need to make a living too!

Will it eventually cost money to use Ujo?

We believe that owning your identity and your music is your right. We will never charge money for registering content. As we continue to add more features which create additional value for artists, we may begin to charge for increased functionality.

What is an artist badge?

At the moment, an artist badge is a digital representation of your support. It has currently has no monetary value but we plan on experimenting heavily in the future with what the badges are capable of. Think exclusive content, access to presales, and more.

How can I view my badges?

In MetaMask, click ‘Tokens’ next to ‘Sent’

Registering for Ujo

What does metamask do?

MetaMask allows you to safely access the ethereum network. It also provides you with an ethereum address that we can use as your identifier for registering content on the network.

Can you recover my lost account? I can’t access my MetaMask wallet...

Unfortunately, no.

If you lose access to your MetaMask wallet, we cannot recover your account. It’s not an issue of it being against our policy or difficulty; it is simply not possible.

Our smart contracts secure each Artist so that the developers can’t edit, access, or reassign them. This protects your Music from hackers and anyone else who would alter the data around ownership.

Unfortunately, it also means we can’t simply ‘recover’ any accounts you lose.

Does it matter what account I register with?

No, you can use any accounts contained within your MetaMask account. All that matters is that you do not lose the keys associated with this account. Some users may not want to use an account that has other transactions or balances associated with it.

Do I need to put in my real name and email address?

Yes, in order to make sure users are not uploading copyrighted content, we need the ability to contact you. Plus we want to update you when we add new features and content. We promise not to spam you!

It says I have ‘insufficient funds’ to register

Ethereum works by utilizing ether as a ‘gas’ to process your transactions. For more information on gas, see below.

Why don’t I need a username or password when I click login?

As MetaMask acts as your ID, you no longer need to remember a user name and password.

How do I upload tracks?

Simply fill out the form and upload each track like you would to your old favorite music site. Once all the information is complete, click next.

Do I have to upload a full album? Can I add to it later?

As of right now, you are required to upload each release in full. Due to the immutable nature of our storage layers, you cannot edit a release after it has been published.

Do I have to set a price for my music?

No, you can make it free but you have to create a ‘license’ so that the user downloading your music is registered.

How do I delete music?

This feature has not been addressed yet. We suggest only uploading content that permanently you wish to share.

How do I issue badges?

Coming soon!

Why is it so complicated to get started with Ujo?

Ujo is built on blockchain technology, which is relatively new stuff. It’s safe and secure, but it’s going to be a little complicated until the rest of the world catches.

What is gas? And why does uploading cost me GWEI/ETH?

‘Gas’ is a shorthand used to describe the cost of powering a transaction or contract in Ethereum, which is the blockchain network that Ujo is built on.

Because blockchain is decentralized, every transaction is distributed through multiple computers, not a central server. This ensures each release is secure and one-of-a-kind. However, it also takes more computational power, which is covered by the cost of gas. Ethereum typically communicates this cost in gwei.

What’s ether (ETH)? Why do I need it to use Ujo?

Ether powers the Ethereum network, which is what Ujo is built on. Ether acts like any other currency; the value fluctuates with the market. You need to convert your currency (e.g. USD, CAD, GBP, etc.) into ether to pay for things on our network. For more information read this


How do I download music?

If the uploaded release has a price, you must purchase the album first using Ether. Once the transaction is broadcast to the network you will be given the opportunity to purchase the release. Don't worry, if you wish to wait before you download, you can always revisit the Store at a later time and download the purchased album!

How do I get artist badges?

If the artist has enabled the badges upon purchase, your MetaMask address will automatically be sent a badge as your proof of purchase!

Can I do anything with these badges?

As of right now, you can only trade, send, or sell the badges. However in the future, the capabilities will only be limited by the imagination of the issuer. Badges could be used to provide discounts on concert tickets, future album releases, or maybe a key to unlocking hidden tracks!

Streaming State Channels

Why state channels?

We use state channels to minimize fees per payment. Because streaming pay events are frequent, and low in cost, it didn’t make sense to process every transaction on Ethereum Mainnet. By using state channels, transaction gas costs are only paid when a channel is closed and money is withdrawn.

Why shouldn’t I clear my cache?

Unlike MetaMask, which acts like a light client, our streaming payments are handled by a wallet card that sits in your browser. We’ve pre-deposited a dollar equivalent in DAI, so if your cache is cleared, whether manually or automatically, you will lose this value without being able to retrieve it. Unless you have stored you seed phrase.

How do State Channels Work?

State Channels are a Layer 2 blockchain technology, allowing payments direct between users who rely on an Ethereum Mainnet hub to keep track of balance. We use Connext, find out more at their website, connext.network.

What is a Wallet Card?

The wallet card is a public/private key pair that sits inside your browser. This is not an Ethereum wallet but one that works directly with the Ethereum hub where all transactions are collateralized. For more info on our wallet card integration using state channels, visit connext.network.

How much does a stream cost?

During the initial testing phase, we wanted to keep it simple for streaming payments, so we decided one play equals one cent. In the future, we are going to add the ability for artists to choose the rate at which their fans can consume their music via streaming, ideally with dynamic options based on how much a fan has supported you already. For now, 1 cent made sense to test this feature without the risk of significant values of money being vulnerable.

How do I deposit or withdraw my money?

For now, users won’t be able to deposit or withdraw any DAI. We’ve gone ahead and issued everyone 1 DAI to begin testing activity with this new feature. Soon, we’ll be adding deposit and withdraw functionality.

Can I use the wallet card to buy releases or badges?

Not yet. For now, the wallet card only sits in the background to support streaming payments. You will still need to use real ETH and your regular wallet for release purchases, badges, and tips.

Can I use this wallet in other dApps?

If another app supports DAI payments and is on the connext.network Indra Hub, then yes! However, this technology is still in it’s infancy, and we are one of few applications piloting the use case with Connext.

Where can I view my balance?

You can view your balance in your user dashboard, on your profile card.


Why doesn’t Ujo do ___?

We’re working as fast as we can to add features. If you have a great idea, reach out to features@ujomusic.com

Can I use a Credit Card to use Ujo?

Not yet. The technology simply isn’t there right now. However, as soon as it is, we plan to support it. For now, services like Coinbase allow you to buy ether with a credit card. More info here.

Can I download music on my phone?

Not yet. Ujo relies on technologies that simply don’t function on mobile devices, like MetaMask. For now streaming the audio will have to suffice. We have a mobile app in the pipeline but right now you will still need a desktop to make purchases.

How are you making money with Ujo?

We believe that owning your identity and your music is your right. We will never charge money for registering content. As we continue to add more features which create additional value for artists, we may begin to charge for increased functionality.

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